The SSHFS man page on Ubuntu.

A few days ago, I decided that I would like to transfer a large archive of files from one computer (running OpenBSD 7.0) to another (running Ubuntu 21.04). The main reason for this was simply that I needed to clear some space on the hard drive.

My first course of action was to do the file transfer via removable media, in this case a 32gb usb stick, which didn’t go so well. After issuing cp -R $HOME/archive /mnt/ from the command line, and then finding something else to do while the machine did it’s thing, I…

A recent article in Business Insider does much to betray the moral panic that has characterized media coverage of Donald Trump since that fateful day in 2015 when he announced his candidacy.

In his November 13 piece, Trump took a victory lap after a woman who accused him of sexual assault dropped her defamation lawsuit against him, Thomas Colson writes in response to a statement by Trump spokesperson Liz Harrington in the wake of former The Apprentice contestant Summer Zervos having dropped…

Oh, please.

She is including the viewer in the multiple acts of assault with bodily fluids she is committing against an untold number unsuspecting shoppers or store employees who subsequently pick up the products she has just handled, only to wonder why they are slippery, sticky, or smell like someone…

Before the dollar amount of your reparation check is determined, let's take the American Civil War into consideration, and put some numbers on the table:

320,000: Estimated total number of white Union soldier deaths, including from combat and other causes directly related to their service. …

James Deagle

I like to write about life and make music.

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