Burritts Rapids: A Pictorial Travelogue

James Deagle
5 min readJun 20, 2022

When travelling to historic Burritts Rapids, Ontario from Ottawa (via Donnelly Drive or Dwyer Hill Road), one of the first landmarks you’ll see is Christ Church (Anglican), with an adjoining cemetery in the back. The parish formed in 1822, while construction on the church began in 1831, and was completed the following year.

Pictured here is the eastern part of the cemetery, and presumably the original section, if the plain slab-like style of the tombstones are any indication. (By contrast, the sections to the west are more contemporary-looking.)

Most of the older tombstones I came across had aluminum(?) reinforcements on each side, which I can only assume is to keep them upright, or in some cases, to also hold them together.

Barely a few steps east of (and perpendicular to) the front of Christ Church is…