I don't believe skin color (in general) gets black people killed, but rather economic disparity coupled with a lack of fathers in the home--those two factors combine to put many young black men in conflict with their environment and each other moreso than with other whites. (This isn't a knock against single mothers, who do the best they can with what they have, which makes them heroes in my books.)

Looking at the FBI's 2016 homicide statistics, black people were more than 10 times likely to be killed by one of their own than by a white person. (243 blacks killed by whites versus 2570 blacks killed by blacks.) Those figures also demonstrate that white people are almost twice as likely to be killed by black people than vice versa. (15% of white homicide victims were killed by blacks, versus 8% of black homicide victims being killed by whites.)


These figures are not a reflection of some innate black propensity for violence, but rather the fact that (in general) blacks are being killed for something other than skin color. Regarding instances of a perp of one color killing a victim of a different color, humans kill each other for a multitude of reasons--we can't assume that it all comes down to racism every single time.

"White privilege" is a myth, and a dangerous one at that, as it keeps the conversation focussed on the inane and the irrelevant (i.e. white people getting tans), and away from seeking genuine solutions those things that are truly threatening to the black community (economic disparity, absence of male role models in the home).

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